Sitio Lucia

Brief History

The resort started way back in 1996 when the couple decided to put up a housing project in cooperation with a Canadian friend in Sta. Maria Bulacan. After agreeing with the conditions they started to put up the housing project but unfortunately the plan did not pushed through for some reasons. So the couple decided to convert the place to a rest house in Bulacan instead. First, they constructed two pools and a bungalow house, since the husband is a pioneer in sculpting dinosaurs; he then tried the idea and finally placed the dinosaurs all over the place. In not more than a year, the rest house grew bigger and new amenities were added. This was the time when the couple along with their Canadian friends decided to convert the rest house into a resort and open it to the public, hence marked the birth of the Sitio Lucia Resort.

Sitio Lucia is less than an hour away from Metro Manila, Sitio Lucia is nestled amongst a beautifully landscaped garden dotted with old trees, nature flowering shrubs, manmade waterfalls and life size sculptures of dinosaurs. Literally, Sitio means “bayan”, a part of province (small area probably a barangay) and “Lucia”, the name of the owner’s Mother, Mrs. Lucia. The resort has hotels and spacious garden all over which provide a very fresh and lively atmosphere and a large training center for different activities and functions.

Sitio Lucia Resort Hotel & Training Center is a haven for people to relax and enjoy, a venue for trainings and team dynamics, a conference and meeting area where successful deals are made and commercial decisions are reached. There are also vast playground for kids to enjoy and explore safely, and a place where celebrations and parties are catered with enthusiasm and panache. We have numerous facilities to offer namely the Lucia 1 and Excellence Function Rooms, Teambuilding Area, Elisa Hall, Bienvenido Pavilion, Don Michael Game Room, Lucia II Hotel & Cabana Rooms, Halfway House, Chef Michael’s Kitchen Demo Room, First Aid Center, 5 themed pools, 54 life size dinosaurs and more. Our employees are given the best training in providing excellent customer service and continuous productivity.


We at Sitio Lucia envisioned to be one of the best resorts in Bulacan and to be one of the tourist destinations in the Philippines.


As a company who offers total quality service, we at Sitio Lucia Resort Hotel & Training Center are dedicated in providing our customers the best of what we have to offer – the best service, the best facilities, and the best customer experience. We are very sensitive and aware of our customer needs and we continuously upgrade and add new facilities to ensure optimum satisfaction of our clients.


  • To provide total quality service in order to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.
  • To promote informative and recreational environment at the same time provide a relaxing experience to customers.
  • To provide an excellent venue for Company business related activities such as meetings, team buildings, product promotions and campaign, etc., also for celebrations of special occasions and venue for educational trips.
  • To promote a safe and friendly resort environment.

Corporate Values

  • Serve God the Best.
  • Strive for excellence and productivity.
  • Promote public morality, command responsibility and accountability.
  • Live simply and decently.
  • Value people and help them grow.
  • Demand action and performance.
  • Search incessantly for innovations.
  • Focus Work Targets and Priorities.
  • Instill high sense of urgency.
  • Promote a clean work environment.