Yes but foods must be cooked. However, we do have grilling stations (ihawan) for common use. Also, we have various food and beverage outlets that serve good food at reasonable prices. For the safety of our guests, breakable dinnerware, glasses, and bottles are not allowed inside the resort.

No. For the safety and comfort of our guests, electrical/gas/propane or any other cooking devices are not allowed inside the resort.

No but we do sell beer in can at our outlets. Don Michael KTV Bar and Restaurant serves liquor but it may not be brought outside the Don Michael and into the other areas of the resort.

No. Since guests are often wet, electrical devices present hazards to you and other guests, therefore for your own safety we do not allow electrical devices to be brought inside the resort. Also, we have a centralized sound system for your entertainment.

Proper swimming attire include: swim wear, white t-shirts / garterized shorts (must be above the knees).

No. For the safety of your own pets and our other guests, pets are not allowed inside the resort.

We clean the swimming pools everyday. Our filtration system is constantly running. Water is added everyday to ensure the cleanliness and water level of the swimming pools.

Yes. Our parking space is large enough to accommodate up to 50 buses or 400 automobiles. Please ensure that your doors are locked and your valuable items are secured. While we have parking security, Sitio Lucia Garden Resort Hotel and Training Center is not responsible for any losses or damages to your vehicle or items contained therein.