Sitio Lucia Rules and Regulations

The following items are not allowed to bring inside Sitio Lucia:

  1. Breakable bottles and containers.
  2. All kinds of beer, liquor and wine.
  3. Deadly weapons.
  4. All kinds of electrical appliances such as Electric Fan, Rice Cooker, Sound System or Radio/Amplifier.
  5. Basketball or Volleyball.
  6. Airbed, folding bed, crib.
  7. Vehicle interior.
  8. Pets

The following are the proper swimming attires:

  1. Swimsuits, Shorts (3 inches above the knee), White or light colored t-shirt, Rash guard.
  2. Swimming Trunks, Shorts above the knee, Cycling shorts, White or light colored t-shirt, Rash guard.


  1. Videoke machine operates until 10:00 pm only.
  2. Food and drinks are not allowed in the pool area.